20 Key Digital Marketing Terms You Need to Know NOW

Digital marketing can seem very confusing, even magical, if you don’t understand the terminology being used. We constantly work with clients who don’t know their desktop from their browser and need a little assistance in understanding what online marketing is all about. The Internet is a powerful avenue to make your business or brand presence known, and Make Your Mark Media specializes in helping companies understand how to take advantage of the wide range of possibilities. Marketing professionals agree data analytics, marketing automation, and digital marketing are the important trends moving forward, so there’s no better time than now to…

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20 Tips to Unlocking the Power of Video SEO

According to research by Cisco, video already makes up 64 percent of all Internet traffic and is continually growing. Because of this, the Local Search Association found local small businesses are making online video marketing a growing part of their omnichannel advertising budget. Image Source Few other industries can benefit from the power of online video marketing than car dealerships, who can provide viewers with the sense of adventure that comes with buying a new car. Automotive News found videos draw clicks and sell cars. Videos capture a viewer’s attention better than text, get spread virally on social media sites,…

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