20 Tips to Unlocking the Power of Video SEO

20 Tips to Unlocking the Power of Video SEO

According to research by Cisco, video already makes up 64 percent of all Internet traffic and is continually growing. Because of this, the Local Search Association found local small businesses are making online video marketing a growing part of their omnichannel advertising budget.

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Few other industries can benefit from the power of online video marketing than car dealerships, who can provide viewers with the sense of adventure that comes with buying a new car. Automotive News found videos draw clicks and sell cars.

Videos capture a viewer’s attention better than text, get spread virally on social media sites, and drive traffic further through your conversion funnel.

Of course, video marketing (like all content marketing efforts) only works when you do it right, which is why we’ve put together this guide of 20 tips to unlocking the power of video SEO for your dealership.

  1. Proper Labels Make Life Easier – When working video, it’s important to label everything with descriptive titles and dates. This makes the videos easier to search through for both you and the end viewer. Professional radio and TV networks archive all their media so it’s easier to create clips for gifs/memes or use in later episodes. This metadata also makes tagging and categorizing after publishing the video easier.
  1. Keyword Tags Draw Traffic – When you publish a video, be sure to tag it with 3-7 focused keywords to draw in the right audiences. In order for a video to go viral, it has to be discovered, so be sure to fill out as much information as possible when uploading. Using the right keywords and including a detailed description greatly increases the video’s discoverability, drawing sustainable traffic.
  1. Post in the Right Category – Just as important as labeling videos is making sure it’s posted in the right place. When you search through Netflix, Hulu, or even your digital cable or satellite provider’s menus, you’ll notice things are easily categorized to make it easier for you to find videos you’ll enjoy watching. Categorizing your video in the right way caters to your audience.
  1. Embed and Post Videos Everywhere – Once you’ve uploaded a video to a video-hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo, you can promote it on the respective platform, embed it on your website, and share it on social media platforms to build valuable backlinks and improve its visibility on all search engines.
  1. Personalized Videos Create Wins – Some dealerships go so far as training sales staff to record videos to answer calls, emails, or other customer inquiries. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram cater to video content, allowing you to record real people responding instead of some automated text bot.
  1. Video Transcripts Double Your Exposure – When posting a video, it’s a good idea to include a transcript. Videos can be filled with useful information that’s keyword-rich and the transcript helps it stand out and gain searches the competition is leaving on the table.
  1. Add Links to Videos – Whether added directly to the video, the description, or the comments, backlinks to your dealer website and other social media accounts keeps people clicking through your sales funnel instead of leaving for a competitor. Google’s research shows more than 50 percent of all car shoppers watch at least 30 minutes of video before buying a car, with 25 percent watching an hour or more. They’re going to buy eventually, so make yourself easy to find.
  1. Hire Professionals – Don’t bother trying to create videos yourself. You’re an expert in cars, not video, and you’re not helping yourself by publishing poor-quality videos online. Hire professionals that understand lighting, sound, framing, and editing and can optimize your videos for maximum impact.
  1. Different Platforms Cater to Different Styles – Understand your publishing platform. Polished, HD-quality videos are needed for your website and platforms like YouTube, but some platforms (SnapChat, Facebook Live, Vine) often reward lower quality videos as the platforms are designed for mobile phone users to upload live videos to other mobile phone users.
  1. Shorter Is Better – You’ll lose the attention of viewers with longer videos. While Hollywood focuses on three- to five-minute clips, you should be creating messages that are one minute or less. Quick tips, vehicle overviews, or an elevator pitch are all it takes to create a great viral marketing video.
  1. Powerful Video Analytics – YouTube has powerful analytics tools that can be easily integrated into Google Analytics. Be sure to track the performance of your online video performance the same way you would your social media and website.
  1. Affiliate Marketing Generates Revenue – Not only can you create videos for your own marketing purposes, you can also add YouTube ads to your videos so your marketing campaign is generating revenue that helps pay for itself sustainably.
  1. Animation Counts – Not every video you post has to be a video of real people. Animation is an acceptable form of video, and there are tons of free animation tools online that can help you create animated videos to attract different types of people.
  1. Photo Montages Work Too – In fact, you can take it a step further and even use photo montages to create a video. All of these techniques are used by hobbyists and professionals alike, so viewers are accustomed to seeing these and many even enjoy them.
  1. Only Use Original Music – The quickest way to have your video removed for copyright infringement is to pirate music without the artist’s permission. Some songs will only be banned in certain areas or on certain devices, but you also risk the worst-case scenario of legal action for using someone else’s work for commercial purposes. It’s just not worth it.
  1. How-Tos and Listicles Perform Well – Buzzfeed became a popular site by focusing on list articles (known as listicles) and Lifehacker and Wikihow rose to fame for posting educational how-tos. These are your bread and butter anchor pieces that will attract the most traffic. Think of them as your summer blockbusters.
  1. You Don’t Even Need to Talk – You don’t always need to include voiceovers in your video. Music or scored videos work well, as do on-screen text messages. So long as the movement is there, you’re doing video right.
  1. Mobile Video Is on The Rise – Recent surveys found the majority of U.S. consumers watch a mobile video at least once a day. Think smaller, and worry about making your videos look good on a smartphone or tablet screen instead of a big-screen 3D projection TV.
  1. Live Video Is Trending – With the success of LiveStream and UStream, both YouTube and Facebook are encouraging live videos on their platforms. Think of it like public access TV and come up with a creative way of producing your own livecasted web series.
  1. Even Video Conferencing Helps – Since video is a great way to communicate online, consider implementing videochat services like Skype and Google Hangouts at your dealership. This allows customers to chat face-to-face with your sales, service, and financing staff, building trust and closing sales much more effectively.

And as a bonus, here’s the tip 21 – virtual reality is the latest video platform, which uses 360-degree video. Make Your Mark has been creating professional marketing videos for years and we’re also equipped to film unique, immersive VR content as well.

Contact us today to learn how we can work together to create a video presence for your dealership to help you rise above the competition.

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