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It is the age of digital marketing and you can choose to either sit on the sidelines or get in the game and Make Your Mark. By sitting on the sidelines you are not enhancing your brand or driving leads to your website causing it to fizzle out instead of launching with a bang.

Make Your Mark Media is a client-focused digital marketing team that takes an “ANTI-Agency” approach to online marketing.

Our goal is not to be the biggest digital marketing firm, but to be the right one you can grow with long term.

We don’t just work with anyone – instead, we limit our business to ensure an unparalleled level service is given to the select few we choose to partner with.

Don’t waste money with all the wantrepreneurs selling online snake oil. MYM clients receive the most cutting-edge digital marketing tools and techniques to raise website visibility.

Our partnerships range from small- to medium-sized businesses, and we help our clients understand the chaos and confusion that surrounds us in the marketing world. We work hard to understand the trends so your business can reap all the benefits of online marketing while increasing leads and your bottom line.

ways to kick ass and take names

Social Media Marketing

Social media hosts billions of users yearning to connect with anyone who understands. We boost your brand’s exposure and create an uneven playing field by developing resilient, branded content that engages your clients, generates leads and influences purchases. Stop hiding from online trolls and get your brand out in cyberspace where the people are.

  • Social Media Marketing is a platform to engage customers on multiple levels and peak interest and brand recognition in various ways.
  • Surpass competition with a higher level of brand recognition and customer retention by creating a distinct online strategy.
  • Deliver instant customer service to your online clients.
  • Engage clients in meaningful conversations that reflect your company’s persona.
Video Marketing/Production

Almost 100% of people today carry around a pocket-sized TV, otherwise known as their cell phones or lifelines. Why are you not taking advantage of this? Video Marketing and Production allows you to make a greater impact with brand visibility, a first impression on your clients and, most importantly, generate leads.

  • Acquire the right clients by getting them up-close and personal with your product.
  • Tell your company’s story, share charitable acts, provide training demos for employees.
  • Boost engagement levels with online marketing efforts, interactive videos and motion graphics
Paid Marketing

We use the most advanced tools and technology to obtain qualified traffic we then turn into leads and eventually customers. Most agencies throw large amounts of money at search terms in hopes something will stick, but we carefully research high-volume, low-traffic terms to bid on and can even target people who have already visited your website.

  • We help you reach your clients across several different platforms and devices.
  • Influence the right audience with targeted social media marketing
Creative Design

Consumer-driven marketing executed in a creative and beautiful manner can leave a lasting impression. Partner with a team that will bring your digital ideas to life instead of letting them die like the hopes and dreams of everyone who wishes upon a star that’s been dead for centuries.

  • Web Design – Did your website perform to your standards in 2016? Don’t worry most didn’t. Will 2017 be the year? We’ll help you identify your website’s “do’s & don’ts” and show you what to look for and what to change to help you transform your business from zero to hero.
  • Logo, Branding, and Print Design – With over 20 years of design and branding experience with some of the biggest brands in the U.S. we have you covered.

ways to kick ass and take names

Website Optimization

Create content, promote & incorporate targeted retail into every landing page.

Conversion Optimization

Increasing the rate at which your current site traffic converts within your website is going to be paramount.

Service Marketing

Bring people to your service drive, particularly for higher dollar RO services.

Video Marketing

Take advantage of real opportunities both in how & where you promote.

Leverage Social Marketing

There are three important things you can do with social: Develop Reviews / Local Marketing / Lead Generation

Paid Search

Your optimization efforts will benefit greatly from paid search & vice versa.

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